may sunday
2013 y.
Kazan (Russia)
Concert hall:   State Great Concert Hall named after S. Saydashev
Introduction by Leonid Tolchinsky
Conductor Alexander Sladkovsky


"Manfred" by P. I. Tchaikovsky and "Island of the dead" by S. V. Rachmaninoff are included in a new CD published by Sony Music together with the state Symphony orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan under the direction of Alexander Sladkovsky. This is the second joint project of Sony Music and GSO RT, created with the direct participation of the Berlin Studio " b-sharp "and its founder, the winner of the" Grammy"," ECHO Classic "and" Diapason d'or " - Philip Needel.
Enlightenment is a unique creative project of its kind. For the first time in the history of Russian sound recording, two epochal works, classic examples of Russian symphonism, mesmerizing with their monumentality and mysticism: Tchaikovsky's Symphony "Manfred" and Rachmaninoff's symphonic poem "Island of the dead" are combined in one musical album. Few conductors and Symphony orchestras in the world would have dared to combine these two incredibly complex and philosophical works in one concert performance, and even more so in a recording that for musicians of academic genres was and remains, first of all, a door to history. Both Rachmaninoff's "Island of the dead" and Tchaikovsky's "Manfred" are a real test of professional competence for a Symphony orchestra and a moment of truth for a conductor. Both works, like no other, suggest not only virtuoso technique, but also a deep insight into their intent, expressiveness and determination of the conductor's interpretation.
"Island of the dead" and "Manfred" with their dramatic intensity and power of influence immerse the listener in a wonderful world of inner experiences: from loneliness to unity, from hatred to compassion, from hopelessness to hope, from beliefs to faith, from oblivion to enlightenment.
< #ispolniteli#Alexander Sladkovsky#> about his reading of "Manfred" and "Island of the dead" says the following: "The spirit itself creates you, shapes your gut, teaches you to overcome the fear of the inevitable. All the power of music reminds us of the temptations and mysticism that accompany a person who can read the signs of fate until his death."

P. Tchaikovsky Symphony "Manfred" in b minor, Op. 58 (1885)

1. Lento lugubre
2. Vivace con spirito
3. Andante con moto
4. Allegro con fuoco

S. Rachmaninoff Symphony poem "Island of the dead", Op. 29 (1980-1990)

I. Stravinsky's "sacred Spring"

Introduction by Leonid Tolchinsky
Conductor Alexander Sladkovsky